Financial Arrangements, Fund Formation

Investment Sourcing

FAM staff constantly updates and analyzes a great amount of information on investments from such sources as domestic and international financial institutions, funds and real estate developers to be able to introduce investors to opportunities perfectly matched to their investment needs. We augment access to privately owned investment-oriented buildings, mainly offices, commercial complexes, rental housing and distribution facilities, with public real estate through our connection to Public Management Consulting Corporation, an FGI Group member with an extensive client base of local governments.

Financial Arrangements

Our independent status allows us the freedom to collect a wealth of information from many sources. We take advantage of this capability, as well as an extensive network of financial institutions and investors in Japan and overseas, and draw on our financial arrangement track record, particularly in the non-recourse loans of the FGI Group, to package the best financing-debt and equity-for any type of investment deal.

Fund Formation

We formulate investment strategies matched to the needs of investors and facilitate one-stop access to all associated services, from sourcing, due diligence, cash flow analysis and special purpose company establishment to documentation, and cap off our participation by closing the deal. In the formation of development-style real estate funds for the FGI Group, we have put together several of the industry's top deals, and in the process we have acquired valuable know-how to respond to all sorts of investor requirements.

Refinancing Arrangements

We apply our considerable experience and proven results as the architect of financial arrangements, consult with new lenders and adjust the structure of financial arrangements, and support revisions to fund investment plans to achieve a sounder base.