About FinTech Asset Management

FinTech Asset Management is a group company of FinTech Global Inc. (FGI), a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. As a group of companies, offers numerous investment opportunities in its asset management business and real estate fractional ownership products.

Assets under management

116.7billion yen

*As of December 2023

Changes in Assets under Management

Changes in Assets under Management
Changes in Assets under Management
Changes in Assets under Management

*Total contracted Assets under FAM’s investment management, investment advisory

Business Summary

We have hold licenses under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Law, Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law, providing various solutions through the Real Estate.

Finance arragements and Fund Formation

We arrange optimal financing for projects through our extensive network of domestic and international financial institutions and investors, using our knowledge based on our extensive track record in finance and real estate.
FGI Group also has Industry leading expertise in the formation of development type real estate funds.

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Asset Management and Other Services

We provide optimal management for each project, from planning to operation, regardless of asset type.
In addition, we provide a variety of asset management-related services, including consulting for investment funds and institutional investors and backup AM to take over operations.

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