Asset Management and Other Services

Our Features


We provide continuous solutions through the Real Estate Advisory Department. We also draw on the capabilities of the FGI Group to facilitate access to all-inclusive services. Consequently, we are able to extend advice targeting the real needs of clients and design integrated solutions that flexibly combine the ideas into the best package.


We are an independent, professional operation and are not part of any corporate family, such as that of financial institutions and accounting firms with historical links and cross-shareholdings. Therefore, we preclude conflicts of interest that might otherwise present a considerable handicap for clients.

Asset Management for Clients

To maximize the value of investments and realize the highest level of shareholder return, we formulate a customized fund investment plan for each asset and then implement it. We have been entrusted to manage all sorts of real estate assets, not only typical structures, such as office buildings, rental housing and commercial complexes, but also hotels and ryokan Japanese-style inns and even pachinko parlors. We are also able to handle single assets such as condominiums for resale as well as properties in operation and properties under development.

Backup Asset Management

When assets come under management due to such events as bankruptcy, we assume operation of the subject property immediately as a backup measure. We minimize the period of time that assets are not under management, prevent investment performance from slipping, and ensure returns for lenders.

Disposition Arrangements

A rich network of contacts and solid information-gathering capabilities allows us to execute quick sales and maximize investor returns.

Consulting Services

  • For investment funds and institutional investors, we offer advice on investments, real estate appraisals, due diligence, the creation of cash flow models, the drafting of plans to boost value, sales prices and sales methods.
  • For real estate developers and operating companies, we help ensure effective utilization of real estate and smooth the process of financial restructuring through securitization and mobilization. In addition, through FGI Group company FinTech Global Securities, Inc., we maintain a diverse range of services that transcend the boundaries of real estate asset management, such as capital policy, mainly third-party share allocation, as well as debt arrangements, business tie-ups with other companies and mergers and acquisitions.